Flowers Of Evil

Other titles :

악의 꽃, Ak-eui Kkot, Blumen des Bösen, Les Fleurs du Mal, Flower of evil, The Evil Flowers, The Flowers of Evil, Цветята на злото (Bulgarian), Kwiaty Zła (Polish), Kötülük Çiçekleri(Turkish), I Fiori del Male (Italian), zohor alshar (arabic)

Author(s) :
Lee Hyeon-sook
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Synopsis :

Se-Joon and Se-Wa are siblings with a dark, complex relationship. Se-Wa, a girl considered psychotic by others, is attached to her brother... a little too attached. In her eyes, there is only Se-Joon, and no one else. And what of Se-Joon's feelings? This manhwa contains incest themes. Title comes from French poet Beaudelaire's compilation of poems, Les Fleurs du mal. Other manga: + Durarara Manga + Sakuran Manga