[Email Protected] Dearly Stars: Innocent Blue

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アイドルマスター Innocent Blue, The [email protected] Dearly Stars Innocent Blue, The [email protected] Dearly Stars: Innocent Blue, The [email protected]: Innocent Blue for Dearly Stars, The Idolmaster Dearly Stars Innocent Blue, The Idolmaster Dearly Stars: Innocent Blue

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Eri Mizutani, mostly known as ELLIE on Internet, is a hikikomori that spends most of her time chatting on the Internet with people that she hardly knows. One day she receives a message from a producer named Ozaki who encourages her to debut as a real idol. Eventually she is able to build up the courage to meet Ozaki. Then she makes her debut at the 876 productions. She meets Ai and Ryo there and decides to give up her life as a net idol and hikikimori. Will Eri be succesful in the idols world?