Dokkaebi's Love Game

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The story starts with the day when Joon Ho is about to propose the girl he loves, Ahn Seo Young but gets a heart attack and ends up in hospital. Lying in hospital bed when Joon Ho opened his eyes he saw a scary face who called himself A Dokkaebi (goblin). The Dokkaebi explains him how he ended up in hospital. The dokkaebi (goblin) once known for its nature of playing mean tricks on bad people and rewarded good people with wealth and blessings tricked a young couple (Lee Yeon and her fiancé Jo Won Ho) who were about to get married to play a game. The game had few rules: #Rule1: To prove he really loves Lee Yeon he will have to find where dokkaebi is hiding Lee Yeon within 20 mins after the game starts. #Rule2: If he fails to find Lee Yeon, she will die. #Rule3: He cannot quit the game even after their death so they will have to take birth again and in every birth they will have to try and find Lee Yeon to win the game. #Rule 4: He will have to remind her how the story started or else he will not be able to save her and she will die. #Rule5: He will have to finish the game before he is 29 years old......If they are unable to recognize each other before that one of them will die. #Rule6: He will have to find the one who knows how to end the game without any of them getting hurt. The dokkaebi (goblin) has been playing this game for years now but no one has been able to win against him. Will Joon Ho be able to find the way to win this game. Will he and Lee Yeon remember who they are will they win the game?