Dekichatta Danshi

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できちゃった男子, できちゃった男子 ハネムーン編, できちゃった男子 ハーレム編, 学生奶爸, Capable Young Man, Dekichatta Danshi: Harem Hen, Dekichatta Danshi: Honeymoon Hen

Author(s) :
Mikage Tsubaki
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School life
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In the Dekichatta Danshi series: 1. Dekichatta Danshi Childhood friend of the house next door, the tsundere Hisui and the serious Yuujirou are always fighting. Although they’re always “doing it”, Hisui says that they aren’t a couple!! (personal story). A baby can be raised by those two?! [Me and my friend wish we could get married, though...]. Actually, Hisui and Yuujirou came from a lonely home environment…?! ♥ Parenting and love are compatible? (LOL) A popular series, with a lot of H! ~BA 2. Harem Hen 3. Honeymoon Hen