Datte Suki Nan Damon

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だって好きなんだもん, 因为喜欢你, 因為喜歡你, 就是喜欢你, 就是喜歡你, Datte Suki Nandamon, Honey (German), Mais moi, je l'aime (French), como leche y miel (Espanish)

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Yoshizumi Wataru
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From Bad Eggs: Moka's brother Megu is returning from New York City where he lived with their father. Not only that but she saw a tv program on art and is now interested in the subject. When she goes to the library she meets Masato-kun who she begins to like. But Masato-kun turns out to be a playboy. What will happen to Moka's first love? Serialized in Ribon from 11/2004 to 8/2005, compiled into two tankoubon