Crystal Arena

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Viewed by some as a monstrous scourge and others as dark gods, the dragons are almost as ancient and powerful as Odin and the other Aesir, and for countless years have lived wild and free, unbowed and soaring across open skies. But things have changed. The dragons have been tricked and enslaved by the malevolent Loki and the traitorous Nidhogg, the Black Dragon. Now, their only hope for freedom rests with those few dragons who were able to avoid enslavement, one of whom was Iris. With ancient fire burning in her veins and hungry for vengeance, Iris has allied herself with the Einherjar so that she might gain the chance to burn Loki to ashes and free her captive brothers and sisters. Crystal Arena is a manga series based on the strategy game Crystal Arena, a story of the legendary Einherjar fighting alongside with the mighty gods in the ultimate battle of Ragnarok.