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Cross Make is a series of hentai doujinshi anthologies released at Comiket (Comic Market) in Tokyo, by the doujin circle CDPA. The series contains parodies of manhwa written by Lim Dall Young. The writer for the doujinshi is Moonzero (Lim Dall Young). The artists who draw the doujinshi are Anicd, Milkcow, Eldo and Bear. The series contains several Freezing parodies, in the Eroizing series, as well as other parodies. Those issues which contain only stories from Eroizing are called The Freezing Another Story Comic Collection/Freezing Another Story Comics. Cross Make has been released at Comiket in Tokyo.The releases can be anything from inappropriate for Batoto, to acceptable as per its TOS. IE: MoonZero = Lim Dal Young (Freezing)Do NOT upload anything explicit/Hentai.