Chocolat No Mahou

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ショコラの魔法, ショコラの魔法 ~ドラジェ 恋人たちの奇跡~, ショコラの魔法~bittersweet~, ショコラの魔法~creamy sugar~, ショコラの魔法~dark spice~, ショコラの魔法~evil essence~, ショコラの魔法~fruity flavor~, ショコラの魔法~guilty crunch~, ショコラの魔法~honey blood~, มนตราช็อกโกแลต, Choco Mahou, Chocolat no Mahou - Bittersweet, Chocolat no Mahou - Creamy Sugar, Chocolat no Mahou - Dark Spice, Chocolat no Mahou - Doraje Koibitotachi no Kiseki, Chocolat no Mahou - Evil Essence, Chocolat no Mahou - Fruity Flavor, Chocolat no Mahou - Guilty Crunch, Chocola

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Mizuho Rino
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The "bittersweet, mysterious story" revolves around Chocolat Aikawa, a chocolatière who runs a shop called Chocolat Noir. She can grant wishes to the troubled people who visit her shop — if they give her something precious in exchange. In the Chocolat no Mahou (The Magic of Chocolate) series: V.1 - Chocolat no Mahou V.2 - Bittersweet V.3 - Creamy Sugar V.4 - Dark Spice V.5 - Evil Essence V.6 - Fruity Flavor V.7 - Guilty Crunch V.8 - Honey Blood ----- • Doraje Koibitotachi no Kiseki