Chijou 10 Meter No Ori Kara

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地上10メートルの檻から, Chijou 10 Meters no Ori kara, The Jail Cell 10 Meters Above Ground, Canariya, Tengoku to Jigoku

Author(s) :
Mihara Mitsukazu
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From Aerandria Scans: A collection of Mitsukazu Mihara's newest eight one-shots, printed in two colors. The stories vary greatly in mood and tension, but are nonetheless a perfect example of the artist's distinctive style. Their titles are: 1. Two Sweets xxx 2. Canariya 3. A Paradox of a Lion 4. Natural Born Scissors 5. Rikon Shiki (Divorce Ceremony) 6. What a Wonderful World 7. Tengoku to Jigoku (Heaven and Hell) 8. Chijou 10 Meter no Ori kara (From a Cage 10 Meters Above Ground)