Candy Flower

On going
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キャンディ・フラワー, Candy ・Flower

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Yamada Daisy
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A collection of short stories on love and romance: Story 1: Candy Flower Kobayakawa loves to tend the Garden Club plot behind the school and dream about handsome Yagi. Mizuki Aihara loves to sleep away the day on the garden bench and mooch her candies. But Aihara proves to be a good source of advice on how to catch Yagi's interest. Soon Kobayakawa basks in the glow of Yagi and friends attention. But she's pressured to leave her beloved garden... Story 2: Love, Begin Aida has always admired athletic Morino. One day, she decides to confess her love to him and everything goes smoothly. But when she sees Morino look happy with his other friends, and gloomy around her, what will happen to their love?!