Blind Marchen

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Other titles :

블라인드 메르헨, Blind FairyTale, Blind Marchen, Blind Märchen

Author(s) :
Yun Hyun Suk
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Synopsis :

The love story between a blind girl who lives in fairytales and a hard boiled boy who no longer believes. After the accident, Ai Rin is no longer too sure. She cannot see, and she isn't even sure if her 'family' is her real one. She doesn't remember if she had any sisters or even an angry mother. While Lee Su's family was completely destroyed. His father is now drunk, and he doesn't have any money to pay for the surgery his little sister needs. He stopped believing in magic and fairytales long ago. But the two meet by chance, Ai Rin, a fairytale writer, and Lee Su, a hat seller.