Binetsu Onsen

On going
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Fujiwara Takumi
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1-2) Onsen's Love Moment of Blis Kouichirou Fuji, a part time worker of lunch shop is so surprised to hear his colleague's experience of sexual molestation. Then Kouichirou feels too nervous for Takashi. All staffs are going to a hot spring as company outing but shop owner suddenly disappears with his lover leaving Kouichirou and Takashi alone. But Takashi turns out to be seme just like Kouichirou... 3) Couple's Time Takashi's senior student, Miura works at travel agency and give tickets of "hot spring tour" to Takashi and Kouichirou. But Miura stays same hotel as his work and interferes the date of Takashi and Kouichirou... 4) A Passionate Onsen Retreat Kouichirou and Takashi go to Atami. They are obsessed with the ghosts of tragic couple of literature, Kan-ichi and Omiya at "Omiya no Matsu" and quarrel about trifles... 5) The Deep Sweet Affection Between The Two of Us Kouichirou asks Takashi to live together but Takashi does not accept it. Then a new and cute part-time joins. He presses himself against Takashi because he should resign the work and part with Kouichirou. Takashi happens to see it... 6) Heart's Distance They go to Nikkou. There are theme parks of Ninja and Western. Kouichirou shows his good performance on the horse in front of TV crews. They are scouted for travel video. But Takashi nearly becomes the model of Adult pornographic video... 7) Your Radiance In My Heart They stay the cottage but quarrel about shopping. Under a stadium of stars, they are naturally reconciled...