Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

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Боевой Ангел Алита: Последний Приказ, 銃夢: Last Order, 铳梦 Last Order, BAA LO, Battle Angel Alita - Last Order, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, Battle Angel: Last Order, GUNNM : Last Order, GUNNM LO

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Kishiro Yukito
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Last Order starts when Desty Nova's nanotechnology resurrects Alita in the floating city of Tiphares. The town 's black secrets are viciously exposed, but it seems to be a little portion of a world that is complicated. Going into space with old and new companies to learn more about her forgotten past and equally, to look for her lost pal Lou Collins, Alita is caught up in an interplanetary battle between the main powers of the solar-system that was colonized. On the way, she forms an alliance with three of the Alita Replicas that have now started to believe for themselves, an unsavory superhacker, and Nova himself when she enters the Zenith of Things Tournament (Z.O.T.T.), a fighting contest held every 10 years. Including the way in which the Earth appeared from a cataclysmic impact winter that wiped-out the majority of the public throughout the length of the narrative, more history regarding the setting of Battle Angel Alita that had not been disclosed in the earlier string is shown.