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アフェア, 再愛妳一次!

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Kano Shiuko
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Affair is a collection of short stories from a manga-ka whose men ooze testosterone. Shuiko Kano has never been shy about portraying real adult relationships and while Affair is a bit more subtle than her usual fair, it is by no means an exception. Two high school friends reunite; two yakuza sons find they have more in common than shady business dealings; and the stakes get raised in a mahjong game after work. 1. Affair ~ the reunion of a senpai and his kouhei who still nurses a grudge. 2. My Dear Mad Dog ~ two Yakuza brothers 3. One Lucky Guy ~ two co-workers play a game of honor, luck and Mahjong 4. Love Machine ~ a uni student offers a fellow uni student driving lessons... 5. Erotic Affair - a humorous erotic extra of Affair