World End Fairytale

Other titles :

ワールドエンド・フェアリーテイル, Worldend Fairytale, Câu Chuyện Thần Tiên (Vietnamese)

Author(s) :
Hakoda Maki
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From Inane: Death, Enchantments, Fairies, Spirits...all these elements twist amongst themselves to offer a mysterious World End Fairytale for us. Join Koroku Morisaki as he unravels the truth that lies behind the conscience of several other characters with promising roles. Like a broken stage effect/ Standing in continuous snowfall/ The girl told me... / This is the last winter / A quiet ending../ It is the World End... So begins World End Fairytale, a series with great art, and even more so, Maki Hakoda's distinctive style in both story and presentation