Wagamama Na Jewel

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我儘なジュエル, 爱如宝石般灿烂, Tenshinchigi

Author(s) :
Sawauchi Sachiyo
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Synopsis :

1. Tenshinchigi (Gods of Heaven and Earth) The gods of earth, water, fire, wind and thunder gather together every day for their assignments. In between causing storms and rain showers love develops. 2. Fragile but Strong Mayden, the king from Dumayden and Alexander, the king from Alectoria, are best friends. One day Mayden proposes a marriage between his eldest son and Alexander's only daughter but, unknown to most, the king's daughter is actually a rebellious teenaged boy! What happens when Prince Mayville turns up for the marriage interview and meets beautiful but headstrong Alec instead of the rumoured Black Rose Princess Sandra? 3. Stray Cat Rock Simple first aid to a wounded stranger is interpreted as something more. 4. A Wanderer's Love A host who enjoys preying on women finds himself unexpectedly falling for a male florist's beautiful bouquets 5. Love Monster Returning home drunk from a group date Hayato finds a strange vagabond on his doorstep who turns out to be his Uncle Tooru.