Usotsuki Na Shisen

On going
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うそつきな視線, ä½ çš„çœ¼ç¥žæœƒé¨™äºº, 说谎的眼神

Author(s) :
Suzukura Hal
Categorie(s) :
School life
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From Moi-xRyu Scanlations I was always looking at only you. Mitsuru Murakami’s dream is to become a teacher. And during his first day at his training in education, he reunites with the man in charge of him, Kurosawa, who he’s loved since the beginning of his college years. Murakami, who feels he’s disliked by Kurosawa because of the cold stares he receives, loses even his enthusiasm for the training, but makes the decision to push on. However, once he finally starts getting comfortable and having fun teaching students, he is warned, for some reason, by Kurosawa. But as as soon as he is repelled by Kurosawa’s confusing words, Kurosawa…. Kisses him?! A love between a dreaming college student and his sadistic, Spartan teacher.