The Lambs Of Morgen

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The Children of Tomorrow

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Lnear Demieros
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A great hero once said: "The Children is the Fair Hope of our Nation" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- plot/summary: The story takes place on a particular country that is being isolated by the Five Great Nations, which was a long time ago, saved them from being imperialized. The nations took away that particular nation's 'identity' and was even wiped out of the map, in exchange for protection, knowledge and support. Many Centuries have past, the language, practices, or even the very name of their own country have been forgotten. Despite of forgetting, they felt no less than a lifeless beings who can't defy the Five Great Nations. One day, a boy named Vyalen mysteriously broke through an impregnable V.R. Field and accidentally knocked down the country's sole princess, Jane. Later, they found out that Vyalen contains knowledge about who they really are and is unaffected by the 'Vermin' of the 10 covenants. Just what mysteries covers this boy named Vyalen? What contained of the the 10 covenants? And what could be The Five Great Nation's goal for Robbing them off their very Identity in exchange for protection, knowledge and support?