Sugar Family

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シュガー☆ファミリー, 砂糖家族, 蜜糖兄妹, Gia tộc hạnh phúc, SUGAR FAMILY ครอบครัวชวนป่วน, Sugar☆Family

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Hagio Akira
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Because of their parent's remarriage, high school student Satou Yuka, suddenly finds herself living together with her stepbrother, 23-year-old high school teacher Satou Taichi. Actually, their parents have not registered their marrriage and therefore they aren't even siblings by law; but since both parents aren't around, they end up living together! Taichi who has a very serious case of sister complex, wishes for Yuka to call him "onii-chan". But Yuka's reaction is very cold? * Contains the short stories titled Private Princess, Chocolate Impact, Hot Chocolate, and Face of Fake as extras in each volume scanlated thus far. (Private Princess=vol.1, etc.)