Sayonara Demo Aishiteru

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さよならでも愛してる, 分手還是愛妳, Goodbye, but I love you, I Love You, Goodbye, Sayonara demo Ai Shiteru

Author(s) :
Yagami Rina
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From Midnight Scans: Story 1: Sayonara Demo Aishiteru - Yutaka's version Yutaka has decided to confess to Mariya, the girl who saved him during the entrance examination. Being an average girl, Mariya was bewildered by the confession of the charming Yutaka. Even though there are strains in their relationship, the distance between the two slowly shortens. However, Mariya has suddenly asked for a breakup! Story 2: Sayonara Demo Aishiteru - Mariya's version Story 3: 1% No Kiseki Story 4: Sumetaku, Amaku, Koi O Shite