Ruriiro Butterfly

Other titles :

るりいろバタフライ, Lapis Lazuli Butterfly

Author(s) :
Fujikawa Ruri
Categorie(s) :
One shot
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Synopsis :

Collection of short stories including: 1) When businessman Masaya runs into his lover from high school, Kobayashi, he's very happy. But Kobayashi's not interested in picking up where they left off. 2)End of the first story. 3)When an important project comes up at work Kitagawa must work together with Okano, even knowing that the newcomer may take his job. But Okano is after another sort of prize... 4) Four page short of Okano and Kitagawa. 5)Unrealized Love- After confessing to his boss Kanzaki, Matsuda can't face him. 6)Teach me about Love (Koi wo Oshiete) 7)Unbridled Happiness 8)Secret Love