Rival Ni Ki Wo Tsukero

Other titles :

ライバルに気をつけろ, Beware of the Rival

Author(s) :
Yamakami Riyu
Categorie(s) :
Shounen ai
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Synopsis :

1-2) Ren is in love with his younger cousin Sakae and has been for quite some time. On the day he plans on confessing he witnesses Kunimi, Sakae's classmate, confessing to Sakae. Upset that Kunimi stole Ren's perfect moment to confess he decides to find out who the guy is and hopefully what Sakae's answer was. When Sakae leaves the two together Kunimi tells Ren he knows Ren loves Sakae and that he will never hand Sakae over to Ren. The battle to win Sakae over is ON! 3) Mei and Shouta are childhood friends. Mei is very clumsy and a little clueless so when he wants to move out of his parent's house and live alone, Shouta moves in with him. One day Mei comes home early and sees Shouta touching himself... while calling Mei's name! Everything changes after that... 4) Toshikazu is very possessive over his lover, Hibiki. Hibiki starts to feel smothered but what will happen when he finally wins some freedom? Side story: Ren and Kunimi from Beware of the Rival are back for a short side story. Ren is always complaining about being the bottom but when he finally gets a chance to top Kunimi, things don't go as planned...