Omoikkiri Suki Ni Natte!

Other titles :

おもいっきり好きになって!, Omoikkiri Suki ni Natte

Author(s) :
Chitose Piyoko
Categorie(s) :
School life
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Synopsis :

(From Attractive Fascinante) 1) Yearning for you Kizaki sees Jinka Senpai having sex with another male student. Now Kizaki can't get Jinka Senpai off his mind. Will Jinka Senpai be upset at Kizaki's voyuerism? Will our bois come to an understanding? You'll just have to wait and see... 2) You're My Only Shinin' Star Aoba Motoyuki is a starving model. World renowned jewelry designer, Tateyama Souji, needs a model for his new, expensive line of jewelry. Will Aoba's beauty finally be recognized? When did Aoba's family jewels get so expensive? 3) The Secret Relations Hirose and Yuuto are classmates. Yuuto has a one-sided love for Hirose or at least, he thinks it is one-sided. Stress, worry, and too many crepes cause Yuuto to have to be rushed to the hospital where Hirose may find new ways to cure Yuuto's illness. 4)Let's go with Love Tatsuhiro has always taken care of his younger brother Mitsuhiro. But now that they're older and living together, Tatsuhiro's feelings are more than brotherly... 5)Happy Incident Watase is surprised when beautiful student Tsujidou confesses to him. Though they start going out, their relationship isn't physical. Will clueless Watase and shy Tsujidou figure out what to do? 6)Please love me more Jinka is getting ready to graduate, and his younger lover Kizaki is feeling insecure. Will a shower make everything better?