Netsujou No Virtuoso

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Netsujou no Virtuoso Bangai, Virtuoso di Amore

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Ogasawara Uki
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From DramaQueen : Kenzo Shinozuka is a talented but under-appreciated pianist, so when wealthy nobleman Lorenzo Carlucci offers to be his patron, he leaps at the chance. However, being patronized by Carlucci exacts a price that the pianist may not want to pay. For Carlucci is an eccentric and demanding patron, whose temperament often clashes with Kenzo’s own stubbornness. The friction between patron and artist threatens to drive them both to the brink of madness, or that of desire. But, it is undeniable that Kenzo’s talent flourishes under Carlucci’s patronage. Can Kenzo overcome his pride and the ghosts of his past to finally achieve greatness?