Line (Tsukishima Sango)

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Tsukishima Sango
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Our main story, “line,” begins with a love confession between teacher and student. Wow, no wasting time here! But what makes this slightly surprising, is that it’s the teacher confessing to the student! And, to make it more fun, the confession comes totally out of the blue, surprising the girl. Heck, it surprises the teacher too, who had no intention of confessing, but instead just sort of blurted it out while handing her a pile of notes for class. He looks horrified after his confession, and his expression is priceless. “Eh? No way! I said it! Really, what am I doing?!!” He is totally freaking out. The girl just sort of stares at him blankly when he says he just couldn’t hold back any longer. The teacher is Kouno, and the girl is Honami.