Koi Shitagari No Blue

Other titles :

假装恋爱的忧郁, 恋したがりのブルー, 사랑하고 싶은 블루, Beloved Blue Wishes, I Want to Love You, Blue, Kohishi Tagari no Blue, Koi Shita Gari no Blue, Koihishi Tagari no Blue, Koishi Tagari no Blue, Koishitagari no Blue

Author(s) :
Fujiwara Yoshiko
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Synopsis :

From Aerandria Scans: “Won’t you become my girlfriend?” On the day of her high school entrance ceremony, Ao got asked that by Riku, a guy that she has only just met. But by that, he meant to ask her to become his fake girlfriend, just to pretend. Ao was surprised by the sudden request, but after knowing Riku’s true feeling, she decided to agree to become his fake girlfriend...?