Kawaii Anata

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かわいいあなた, A Lunch Made with Love, Cycling Under a Starlit Sky, Love Letter (OTSU Hiyori), Maple Love, Winter-tinged Thoughts, Your Cuteness

Author(s) :
Otsu Hiyori
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Collection of short stories: - Maple Love Two college students become friends, but one of them has fallen for the other.. - Love Letter A girl asks her friend to give a love letter to a boy for her. Too bad she has no idea her friend is in love with her... - Cycling Under a Starlit Sky - Kawaii Anata (Your Cuteness) This is about a boyish girl who doesn't think she's cute, and her love interest, who does. - Winter-tinged Thoughts Shizuru is in love with Matsuri, who in turn is in love with Aya. Oh, dear. - A Lunch Made with Love Retells some of the events of "Winter-Tinged Thoughts" from Izumi (Shizuru's best friend)'s point of view.