It's Only Love

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(Taken from Shoujo Manga Bento): A collection of short stories. Each story starts with a minor character from the previous one, so they're all interconnected. Lovely storytelling and art by the author of Ingénuo. Story 01) Prince of Thieves - It’s about a rich and pampered girl getting kidnapped by a certain someone..! It’s not your usual kidnapping, and it's with a few unique twists and a sweet ending! Story 02) Dancing with the Sunshine - The younger brother of the main male protagonist from the first story takes his toll. Eric is a wealthy playboy whose life itself is a party. He often catches glimpse of a certain girl who is famous for her extensive spirit for working and slowly starts to take an interest in her. But it turns out that she hates rich people…? A story to brighten up your mood. Story 03) Poseidon Promise - Rock idol, Glenn meets with a car accident on the way to the Grammy’s and ends up in a coma. The nurse taking care of him, is a heart-warming and genuine fan of his. She ends up seeing his ‘ghost’ one day while he is still unconscious and they slowly form a bond and…a promise. It’s rather touching! Story 04) Cupid’s Love Arrow - This story is about a certain Cupid who helps to point arrows at those who seek love themselves..but this time, the arrow has hit Cupid himself… How will thin