Hallelujah Overdrive!

On going
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ハレルヤオーバードライブ!, 純愛重金屬, ร็อคซ่าส์ใส หัวใจเกินร้อย!

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Takata Koutarou
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"Do you believe in the magic of music?" --------------------------------------------------------- Asakura Kosame is rejected by the girl he likes. He bought a guitar and created a song solely for the confession on his graduation day in Junior High. Unfortunately, the girl likes another cool boy from another school, whom happens to be a member of a band. Later, Kosame enters Meirou High. He decides to join a music club and become great to show it to the girl whom rejected him for revenge. But, it turns out there is NO music club at Meiro. The one who sees him at that time is...