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Фетиш, フェティッシュ (藤原薫)

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Fujiwara Kaoru
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From Storm in Heaven: A collection of short stories. Chapter 1: For a long while now, I've been prone to losing things. It's the things most important to me that I lose, and it's always after I lose them that I realize it. And then, they're suddenly returned to me. Story 2: Love Letter A woman has just been discharged from hospital due to her successful eye surgery. As she steps out into the world, she sees her blind self... Story 3: All of Sully/Lily A man believes that people he loves should have spare bodies. His daughter happens to have one... Story 4: Airport A man drops off a pregnant woman to the airport... Stroy 5: Fetish An injured girl has met a man that thought her appearance were "cool"...