Dokusaisha Granada

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独裁者グラナダ, Dictator Granada, Dokusaisha no Granada

Author(s) :
Sugimoto Ami
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Contains two different stories: ch. 1-3 Dokusaisha Granada Naruse Kunihiko is an upcoming short film-maker who shares the spotlight with no one. He writes his own scripts, his own music, and uses the one-man art of claymation to realize his vision onscreen. An arrogant artist who doesn't take any shit or tolerate any criticism, he operates solely on the desire for praise. And he ~DOESN'T~ share. So when he forms a friendship with Nakata, who has been assigned to interview him, Naruse finds himself unprepared for the trials of a real human relationship. Meanwhile people who criticize Naruse have a way of "getting hurt". As Nakata finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into Naruse's world, he starts to suspect Naruse...