Bokura No Unsei

Author(s) :
Matsumoto Temari
Categorie(s) :
Shounen ai
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Synopsis :

From BLU: Asahi might seem like your regular high school boy, but this kid's been down on his luck...his entire life! Thankfully, the sketchy but resourceful teacher, Rokujou, just so happens to have the right charm to cure Asahi of what ails him. Too bad it has to come in the form of a kiss! But when Asahi starts to want more than just a kiss, will Rokujou give in and break the delicate balance they've held so far? 1) Our Luck (Bokura no Unsei) (3 chapters) 2) The Mechanism of Love (Koi Suru Kikai) An Aphenphosmphobic living in the mountains receive the visit of his sister who brings him...a robot?...see what happens... 3) The Uniform and You (Seifuku to Anata 4) Uwasa no Futari (The Rumor of Two) Oneshot prequel to the two volume manga of the same name.