Ai Wa Doko Itta?

Other titles :

アイはどこいった?, 把你留住, Ai wa Doko Itta, Where Did Love Go?, Where has Love Gone?

Author(s) :
Tsunoda Ryoku
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Synopsis :

Takayama is gay. While at work he begins to take note of successful and peerless Ishikawa, whom he eyes hungrily. Ishikawa finds out that Takayama is gay when he sees him in a compromising position with a hook-up, but surprisingly he does not out him at work. When a deal of Ishikawa's goes bad, he is infuriated. In a fit of rage, Ishikawa forces himself on Takayama. Takayama decides that he can forgive him for this one-time incident, but can this sordid physical relationship continue?